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About This Dallas Driving School, Smart Choice Driver

Owned and operated by Troy and Toni Selph with our main office location in Plano Texas very near the DPS office off Parker.  What started as a part-time job turned out to be a love and passion for teaching new drivers, and we transfer this positive energy into the selective choice of the top online driver’s ed school and into our in-car training techniques, and all of our decision making and lesson plans.

Smart Choice Driver is a state authorized driving school certified by the Texas Education Agency  (TEA) that guarantees the highest standards of moral integrity and teaching.  Online driver’s ed classes are convenient and cost effective.  Online material is well written and designed and teaches with an interactive approach and use of videos to keep it interesting and fun for teens.

We provide only the best trained and state certified instructors for the in-car training portion for anyone holding a valid texas permit or international driver’s license.

We exceed every state mandated requirement through our detailed and efficient In-car driver training for teens and adults.

The Smart Choice Driver is a Smart, Safe, Courteous Defensive Driver Who Knows & Respects Driver Risks, and Rules of the Road at All Times.

How are our standards higher, why can you trust us, and why are we known as the smart choice for driver education online, in-car training, and online defensive driving/traffic school in the state of Texas?

Why Trust This Dallas Driving School, Smart Choice Driver?

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